Support Services

Staff join forces with student volunteers to help new freshmen move into the doorms

Academic support

Many students are challenged by the rigors of college classes or need to learn how to manage their time for the independent learning required. UNT offers many resources to help students succeed in their college classes. The Learning Center provides tools for academic success including tutoring, reading labs, study skills labs, speed-reading courses and an extensive academic resource library.

Another invaluable resource for your child is access to computer labs in order to complete coursework. UNT has 14 general-access computer labs, including one that is open 24 hours a day and six that have Macintosh computers as well as PCs. All labs offer computer-based training programs, and many offer statistical analysis packages, including SAS, SPSS and SPlus. All residence halls are wired for Internet access, and wireless access is available in most buildings. Three libraries also offer free laptop checkout.

Emotional support

Good grades aren't everything. The emotional well-being of your child while he or she is away at college is just as important as academic success. Through UNT’s Student Counseling Center services, we strive to support students through professional counseling, career counseling, consultation, mental-health screenings, educational programs and self-help resources as well as a referral service. We offer to consult with students, parents, faculty and staff who may be concerned about a UNT student (while still respecting the confidentiality of our clients). With client permission, we often work closely with physicians and psychiatrists, the Career Center, Office of Disability Accommodation, and many other helpful resources in order to provide the best overall care. We value diversity and students can expect to be treated in a respectful and accepting manner.


UNT offers a full-service primary care clinic, with full-time physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses to manage your child’s care and treatment. Also offered are a full-service pharmacy, comprehensive lab services, optometry services, radiology services, substance abuse referral service, health education programming and ambulatory mental healthcare provided by part-time senior psychiatric residents. These services are available because students pay a medical usage fee each semester, which is included in their tuition bill. Services are provided at a discount if students need to fill prescriptions or have X-rays taken, laboratory tests performed, nutrition consultation, massage therapy, splints or minor surgery. College Optical Express is the first optical office located on any college campus in the state of Texas. Services are provided at the Student Health and Wellness Center in Chestnut Hall.

All students who are newly enrolled at UNT and who will reside in on-campus housing must provide evidence of vaccination against bacterial meningitis or must qualify for one of the two permissible exemptions prior to moving into on-campus housing. Vaccinations must be administered no fewer than 10 days prior to the student’s move-in date. Exemption will be permitted based on evidence that the vaccine would be injurious to a student’s health based on the professional opinion of a medical practitioner or if the student has refused the vaccination based on a conscientious objection, including religion.

The university recommends that all students have current immunizations for polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, rubella, mumps and measles. Consideration should be given to vaccination against hepatitis A, hepatitis B and varicella.

Most vaccines are available at the Student Health and Wellness Center. Additional information, immunization record and exemption affidavit forms are available online at the Health Center's website.

Campus Security

Students can sign up for the Eagle Alert system for information about campus closings and emergency situations affecting the safety and well being of people on and around the campus. Voice and text messages are sent to all students who have provided current contact information. Students should update their contact information at Please be sure your child signs up for this service.

UNT police patrol the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in vehicles, on bicycles and on foot. At night, the campus is well lighted, and students may ride the night shuttle, request pick up from e-ride or call the UNT police for an escort, if needed. More than 70 emergency phones located throughout campus provide direct access to the campus police dispatcher at all times.

Continued Support

UNT will continue to support and encourage your child as he or she becomes an upper classman and even after graduation through our job assistance and internship programs.

Internships provide invaluable training and a head start on a career. Most programs offer hands-on experience in your student’s field before graduation. UNT’s nationally accredited Cooperative Education program provides students with paid, supervised positions related to their field of study, often for several semesters. Some students even receive academic credit for their work and permanent job offers after graduation.

Job placement services are available to help your son or daughter find a full-time job. The Career Center offers one-on-one advising, web-based job listings and on-campus interviews with employers. Dallas- Fort Worth is one of the nation’s top five metropolitan areas for job growth and employment opportunities based on higher than average starting pay, low unemployment and affordable housing. UNT’s well- prepared graduates are recruited by companies like American Airlines, Federal Express, Southwest Airlines and Texas Instruments, among others.