How do we afford it?

There are a number of options available to you and your student to manage college costs. About 75 percent of UNT students receive financial aid and scholarships totaling $405 million annually. In addition to financial aid and scholarships, options include:

  • Student employment: UNT employs more than 5,000 students through the Career Center’s Eagle Career Network, powered by Handshake.
  • Grants: Many federal, state and institutional grants are available at UNT. Grants are need-based and no repayment is required.
  • Loans: Loans are available at low interest rates to students and parents of dependent students.
  • Tuition and Fees: UNT offers the option to pay in installments. You also may be eligible for an exemption or waiver available for veterans and their dependents.

See what your cost will be

UNT provides the quality of a private university at an affordable cost. Wondering how affordable a UNT degree will be? Use our easy Tuition and Fee Calculators to see for yourself.

Staying on track

UNT now offers 99 degree programs that can be completed in three years. To help your student stay on track to graduate on time, UNT offers an online degree audit which lists all of your student’s degree requirements in an easy-to-read format. Learn more at the registrar's website.

Applying for financial aid

You might be surprised to find out how much financial aid you can receive, regardless of your family’s income level. You won’t know what you’re eligible for unless you apply! The best time to apply for financial aid is in October of the year prior to the year your student plans to enroll. The first step is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) if you’re ineligible for federal aid through the FAFSA because of your immigration status.


UNT annually awards more than $50 million in scholarships to help finance student education. The first step is to ensure your student is fully admitted to UNT. Next, he or she will need to complete and submit the General Scholarship Application. Finally, make sure you submit a FAFSA since many scholarships require the application.

Your student may apply for scholarships funded by the university, specific academic departments, alumni and staff members. Merit-based, need-based and athletic-based scholarships are usually available. Examples include:

Save and Soar

At orientation, your student (Texas resident only) can choose the Save and Soar tuition plan to lock in their tuition rate, while also enjoying exclusive savings on summer and winter sessions.

Financial success

UNT’s Student Money Management Center provides education and services to help your student manage money and gain financial independence.

Students learn how to:

  • Manage credit
  • Analyze job offers and benefits packages
  • Live without Mom and Dad's financial support