Money Matters

UNT Hurley Administration Building.

Can I afford it?

Tuition costs are a big part of planning for college – and a big concern. UNT offers you an innovative solution to rising college costs with the Eagle Express plan. Eagle Express is more than a tuition plan, it’s a plan for success.

  • UNT’s Eagle Express plan locks in your total academic costs for four years.
  • It pays to graduate on time. Save up to $3,000 in your last 15 hours (typically your last semester) by graduating in four years, and if you qualify for the statewide on-time $1,000 tuition rebate, you’ll save $4,000.
  • You’ll save time and money by knowing your academic costs up front, graduating on time and earning a full-time salary sooner.

The Eagle Express plan is available to all new freshmen and transfer students entering UNT in Fall 2014 and beyond. You must meet Texas residency requirements to enroll.

We estimate that books and supplies will cost $1,250 per year, but this varies by major. For example, physics textbooks can be more expensive than philosophy textbooks, and an art student’s supplies will cost more than those of an English major. Many students save money by purchasing used textbooks and selling them back at the end of the semester. Students can reserve textbooks for the coming semester at the UNT Bookstore.

Textbook rental is a relatively new and affordable option for your student. The UNT Bookstore offers a rental option for many textbooks, but not all.

Applying for financial aid

The best time to apply for financial aid is in January or February of that enrollment year — for example, January 2014 to enroll beginning Fall 2014. That may sound early, but the process is lengthy. We recommend applying early to ensure plenty of time for application processing and to receive first consideration of awards. Your child should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The Admissions priority deadline for scholarship consideration is Feb. 1.

We recommend that your child lead the application process. You will certainly need to assist, but students who are involved from the beginning have a better understanding of how to continue monitoring financial aid throughout their college career.


Your child may apply for scholarships funded by the university, specific academic departments, alumni and staff members. Merit-based, need-based and athletic-based scholarships are usually available. Some of UNT’s scholarship opportunities include: